Hausmaninger Kletter

Hausmaninger Kletter are a fast-growing team of dynamic young attorneys. Founded in September 1997, the firm has quickly established itself in the top tier of Austrian corporate law firms. The highly qualified members of the firm advise Austrian and foreign clients in all areas of Austrian, European and international business law.

The members of Hausmaninger Kletter have practiced in renowned domestic and foreign law firms. They have acquired additional academic and professional training as well as considerable legal experience abroad. Through their membership in international bar associations and connections with outstanding foreign attorneys they are able to provide superior service to their clients worldwide.

Attorneys at Hausmaninger Kletter keep close contact with Austrian and foreign law schools and publish regularly in leading legal periodicals. They are familiar with the latest developments in legal science, policy and practice, and they are prepared to give full legal support to their clients even in ventures into new and highly specialized business areas.